Japanese proverbs - el cafe de la historia

Japanese Proverbs

Artículos relacionados Hindi proverbs REFRANES Proverbs and sayings from Mexico REFRANES The most famous Spanish sayings with its translation German proverbs The Japanese proverbs Do not hold back those who leave, nor reject those who arrive. Don’t say it’s impossible,

El café de la historia - The Italian proverbs

Italian Proverbs

The Italian proverbs Italian proverbs are short phrases, drawn from the observation and experience of the ancient intellectuals and sages of the transalpine country. Many of them are sentences coined through the collective experience along the course of time, with

German provebs - El cafe de la historia

German proverbs

The German Proverbs Proverbs often illustrate various aspects of a culture. The so-called German culture transcends the borders of this country. This is due to the countless border changes that the country has undergone over the past centuries. Artículos relacionados

Hindu proverbs - el cafe de la historia

Hindi proverbs

Hindi proverbs On the path of life you can walk the path of wisdom. If you come out of it convinced that you know nothing, you have learned a lot. When the waves have subsided and the water is calm,