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Japanese Proverbs

The Japanese proverbs

Japanese proverbs

  • Do not hold back those who leave, nor reject those who arrive.
  • Don’t say it’s impossible, better say you haven’t done it yet.
  • An exaggerated honesty is the closest thing to stupidity.
  • Great people exist because of ordinary people.
  • If ordinary people did not exist, extraordinary people would not exist either.
  • At the age of 10 you are a miracle. At 20, you become a genius. At 30, you are just an ordinary person.
  • It’s better to be the enemy of someone who is good than the friend of someone who is bad.
  • Don’t wait for the time to come.
  • It is not the most beautiful flowers that bear the best fruit.
  • Sadness is a torn dress: it is better not to go out with it.
  • Rain is a problem only for those who do not want to get wet.
  • Love is that even smallpox scars are no more than dimples on the cheeks.
  • It is better not to stop those who want to leave, nor throw out those who have just arrived.
  • One minute of embarrassment for asking a question can mean a lifetime of ignorance.
  • Do well what is in your hand, the rest will be fate.
  • While lying in bed, no one stumbles.
The Japanese proverbs
  • If you think about it, decide. If you’ve already decided, stop thinking about it.
  • The sun knows neither good nor bad: the sun warms and illuminates everyone equally.
  • One word said with kindness can mean the heat of three months of winter.
  • Before questioning another person, check your thoughts seven times.
  • The meaning of fast is to go slowly, but without pause.
  • Sometimes the leaf sinks but the stone floats.
  • Rivers that are very deep flow slowly.
  • Laughter calls for happiness.
The Japanese proverbs
  • He who is able to wait half an hour longer than his opponent will win.
  • One word said with kindness can mean the heat of three months of winter.
  • Let the foolish and the mad go first on any road.
  • You may only need your sword once in your life, but you must carry it always.
  • It is possible to endure cold rice and tea, but cold looks and words are unbearable.
  • The longest journey begins with a first step.
  • Victory is not what it teaches; one learns more with defeat.
  • While drawing the branch of a tree you should hear the air.
The Japanese proverbs
  • The rolling stone cannot make a pile.
  • The woman can go through the rock if she sets her mind to it.
  • Studying the past is the best way to learn for the future.
  • Discipline will eventually defeat intelligence.
  • Spending time laughing is like spending time with the gods.
  • There is a door through which good or bad fortune can enter, but you have the key.
  • The promised wood does not heat the home.
The Japanese proverbs
  • If you believe everything you read, then it is better not to read at all.
  • If you want to go up and you don’t have a way, invent the ladder.
  • A marriage has to be like hands and eyes. If the hand hurts, the eyes cry, and if the eyes cry, the hand dries the tears.
  • The sea is this big because it does not despise the streams.
  • For someone prepared, there is no danger.
  • Before breaking a silence, try to make your words better than this one.
  • It is not worth worrying about a problem if it has a solution. And if it doesn’t, it’s not worth worrying about either.
  • A ship with a hundred sailors is capable of climbing a mountain.

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