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German proverbs

The German Proverbs

German Proverbs

Proverbs often illustrate various aspects of a culture.

The so-called German culture transcends the borders of this country. This is due to the countless border changes that the country has undergone over the past centuries.

Below we list some of the most commonly used proverbs in Germany.

What is a proverb?

The proverb (from the Latin proverbium) is a type of paremia, defined as a sententious statement of known origin and often with authorship, whose clearest characteristics are antiquity, grave tone, idiomatic gradation, potential variation and preferably cultured use.

German proverbs

German proverbs

  • The eyes trust themselves, the ears trust others.
  • Give a monkey a chance, and he’ll empty your backpack.
  • Even the lion defends itself from flies.
  • All good things come in threes.
  • The request is warm, the thanks is cold.
  • Grow where you have been planted.
  • Each one knows where his shoe is squeezed.
  • Speech is silver; silence is gold.
  • Start weaving, and God will give you the thread.
  • You cannot dance at every wedding.
  • The beginning is easy, persistence is an art.
  • When god gives hard bread, he also gives strong teeth.
  • Failure makes you smart.
German proverbs

German proverbs

  • Don’t give pearls to pigs.
  • The cheapest is always the most expensive.
  • When the boss is in charge, strike the questions.
  • Think first, then act.
  • He who digs a hole will fall in it.
  • Don’t worry about the eggs that haven’t been laid yet.
  • When misfortune comes to the window, friends don’t come to look.
  • Crooked wood also makes straight fires.
  • Without dedication there is no reward.
  • Practice makes perfect.
  • God helps the sailor in the storm, but the sailor must be at the helm.
  • He who chases two rabbits at once will catch none.
  • Five minutes before the hour is German punctuality.
  • When the rider is not good, the fault lies with the horse.
  • Boredom is a consequence of laziness.
  • It is better to get something in the long run than never to get it at all.
  • Not all that glitters is gold.
  • Dogs that bite, don’t bark.
  • The lover is the comrade of the soul.
  • Lies do not travel far.
  • Stupidity and pride grow from the same wood.
  • Knife, fork, scissors and fire are not for small children.
  • The one who breaks his teeth with the shell rarely eats the almond.
  • Too many cooks spoil the broth.
  • Where you brush, the shavings fall.
  • Happiness and glass: how easily they break!
German proverbs
  • Laughter is the best medicine.
  • Even a blind chicken sometimes finds a pimple.
  • Happiness, like a rainbow, is never seen on one’s own house, but only on another’s.
  • Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow… and never today say the lazy people.
  • The request is warm, the gratitude is cold.
  • Everything has an end, only the sausage has two.
  • Ideas are tax-free.
  • You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
  • The oldest trees bear the sweetest fruits.
  • What you don’t know won’t hurt you.
  • The arguments of the strongest always have more weight.
  • The silent waters are deep.
  • Where there is a will, there is a way.
  • The eyes trust themselves, the ears trust others.
  • Each one forges his own luck.
  • Look at the stars, but do not forget to light the fire in the home.
  • First work, then pleasure.
  • There is no law without a hole for those who know how to find it.
  • As the father is, so shall the son be.
  • Not all those who have their hands together, pray.
  • The devil’s favorite piece of furniture is a comfortable couch.
  • Never give advice without being asked.
  • Clothes make the man.
  • To forgive is not to forget, and in forgiveness without forgetting there are too many words and too little heart.
German proverbs
  • He who rests rusts.
  • He who has not tasted bitterness does not know what is sweet.
  • Pride precedes a fall.
  • If you lend, you either lose money or gain an enemy.
  • The best pillow is a clear conscience.
  • If a rainbow lasts a quarter of an hour, one does not look at it anymore.
  • With bacon you catch mice.
  • Your house can replace the world, the world will never replace your house.
  • Love passes through the stomach.
  • What is the point of running when we are on the wrong road?
  • Order is half of life.

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